It is clear that many individuals cannot find a qualified voice teacher in their area.  Voice lessons can also be too expensive for many people. That is why I developed my vocal exercise DVD. That is why I also offer online lessons via skype.**

Working with a person in their vocal development is a very personal experience. It is a partnership in a journey of self discovery and development. An exploration of the physical self into the pure joy of making sound on the one hand and the emotional excitement of connecting to the song on the other. The exercises on this site are designed to fit most of the situations a singer will run into.  However, nothing can replace the one on one relationship between teacher and student.

A true goal of the teacher, at least my goal, should be for the student to eventually have little need of the teacher. Ideally, the final relationship between teacher and student would be one of equals. Because a singer cannot hear themselves as they actually sound, (what do you hear on your answering machine?) they do require the teacher to keep them on the right path once they have fully developed their voice.  However, this depends more upon their personality than on their knowledge.  The great tenor, Placido Domingo has apparently never needed a teacher since his early days. Others seem to need the teacher for moral and emotional support throughout their careers.


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