Before you make a decision regarding the purchase of my vocal program, please read through all of the material on this website. I want you to understand as clearly as possible who I am and what I will do for you and your voice.


In My 45 years teaching in my New York studio I have worked with hundres of professionals singers. Most of my work involved working with actors and dancers who had come to realize that they couldn't survive in the theatre world without understanding their voice I worked for over 20 years with Elaine Cancilla helping her maintain her voice. Stephanie Pope came to me as a young dancer.  She understood hard work and has since gone on to a fine Broadway and film career. Our work together enabled Greta Martin to enjoy a nice career including 3 Broadway Shows.  Another hard working student, Cynda Williams a wonderful legit soprano as well as pop singer, started a movie career singing the female lead as a jazz singer in Spike Lee's first movie, "Mo Better Blues". I helped actor Daren Kelly revive his powerful baritone voice enableing him to land the male lead in "Woman of the Year". After hard work, Susan Mansur made her Broadway debut in "The Best Little Whore House in Texas". Fleur Phillips, mastered a dozen different voices as understudy to the lead in the short lived Broadway production of  "The Rise and Fall of Little Voice". Mirla Christi made a living for years in the Broadway production of Miss Saigon. David Wasson has done the same with "Man of La Mancha. Bill James tucked 4 Broadway show under his belt and then made a living for many years in the Broadway revival and national companies of Camelot. Many others, like Fred Major, Melanie Lerner, Marcial Gonzales, and Bill Wendt have had fine careers touring and/or performing in regional theaters.

I recently received this email:

"Hello Richard. I don't know if you remember me, but I certainly remember you. I 
studied voice with you thirty some years ago...was it on 80th street?  
I still warm up using your exercises and am known for it's uniqueness  
by my colleagues. I don't know if you know it, but I was nominated for  
a Tony some years back for my performance in Kiss Me Kate. I couldn't  
have had the career I've had without you and hope you are well and  
enjoying your life in Colorado. I think of you often and fondly.
Lee Wilkof "

I have also worked with  pop and rock singers, helping them to survive the vocal strain their musical style requires. Michael Hill  was one who really seemed to understand what needed to be done in order to maintain his vocal health and has gone on to record 5 great CDs and tour the world. 

" Special thanks to Richard Hilty, Vox  Coach xtraordinaire,
for invaluable vocal science" Quote by Michael Hill from the CD jacket
"New York State of Blues"   Michael Hill's Blues Mob       

I have also worked with many individuals over the years who weren't interested in being professionals but who wanted to enjoy singing.  One example is Arthur Kirson  who came to me as close to tone deaf as any one could be.  Arthur was a high school teacher. He wanted a second life as a cabaret singer. Arthur worked and learned that his tone deaf problems were mostly mental.  A classic case of someone trying so hard he missed completely. Eventually Arthur developed a workable voice and actually lived his dream becoming  a well known New York City cabaret performer, and song writer.

"Hi Richard,  I just want to let you know that I am now practicing
with your  DVD. For the first time I could do my singing practice for
the day without feeling any pain or strain in my throat.
Thanks once again for the DVD."         Mirjam Huwiler

How did these performers achieve their goals? They learned to understand their voice. Simply put, they learned how to put together the head voice, the chest voice, and breath support. Above all, these experienced professionals learned it takes time to build and develop a good, healthy singing voice.

This vocal program is the result of my years working with these professionals. The DVD includes over 100 graded exercises on video. they are broken down into:

     Support Exercises   
     Breathing  Exercises.
     Head Voice Exercises.
     Chest Voice Exercises,
     Consonant Exercises.
     Vocal Line Exercises. 
     Vowel Work.
     Blending Exercises (mixing)
     Falsetto Exercises (for men).

As you do the exercises with me:
   You will learn to understand your voice. 
   You will  learn about vowels and how important they are to healthy and free singing.
   You will  learn how consonants can help or hinder the freedom of your singing.
   You will learn how to blend (mix), the head and chest voice.
   You will learn how to master the break.
   You will learn why breath support is the basis for all healthy singing.

These exercises will work you, step by step, from an easy vocal workout to more advanced work
All exercises are in full video and I actually accompany you as we do each of  the exercises together.
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